Future work


  • Study of the evolution of PWNs (or LMXBs) with high proper motion encountering density discontinuity
    Hope to get the results similar to the "Guitar Nebula"
  • Study of the Jet interacting with stellar wind from companion star
    • MHD runs
    • effects of X-ray from BH on stellar wind (X-ray photo-ionization / X-ray heated wind)
    • clumpy wind
    • jets interacting with wind from precessing accretion disk (SS433)
    • which rotates very fast.
      It might results in some denser wind along the equator with comparison to the wind toward pole.
      article & nature
    • that its orbital motion is highly eccentric
      it gives a burst of accretion each time of periastron separation (highly increased Lx)
  • Study of the interaction between PWNe and parent SNR.