Jet study with H-AMR


Research Project started from Sep. 2018 @ API


mail from David to Sasha
Hi Sasha,
It's been a while! I'm nearing the end of my master's here in Amsterdam. Just to remind you, I have been working on implementing the cooling functions from Esin et al. 1996, Fragile & Meier 2009 and Dibi et al. 2013 into HAMR. This has been accomplished and I have been running 2D sims of Sgr A* at different accretion rates to see what effects the cooling will have inside a high-resolution simulation and to possibly (hopefully) find some insight into the origin of the flares of Sgr A*. I have included a video of the density of a non-cooled vs. a cooled simulations at an accretion rate of 2e-7 msun/yr and a video of the radiation distribution of the same cooled sim. In the latter movie you can see highly radiating pockets of gas moving towards the midplane and disappearing there. However, to see flares that could be consistent with observations, we'd probably need to do high-resolution 3D runs. Right now everything is 2D at a resolution of 1024^2 (the video is 512^2 however). If we do see the stochastic flares we'd expect, the next step would be to ray-trace these 3D runs, leading to some exciting science. I was hoping I could do these run(s) on bluewaters, with the help of Koushik and Matthew of course.

  • frame-dragging
  • Lense-Thirring effect